Microsoft PowerPoint & Word Made Easy

Microsoft PowerPoint & Word Made Easy


Microsoft PowerPoint and Word Made Easy are indispensably important career and business enrichment courses with practical and very manageable modules for upskilling or refreshing on the fundamentals of these potent tools.

Course Overview

From student to corporate executive, it is highly likely that you will have to use Microsoft PowerPoint and Word at some point. Acquiring and developing these transferable skills that can be applied in any industry or profession is consequently an essential element of career and business growth.

In the PowerPoint segment of this course you will learn about the features of this application, tips and techniques for structuring a presentation and a range of important formatting options to present powerful stories in data and other presentation formats.

Leveraging templates and built-in tools while mastering proofing, editing and key features such as margins, rulers, and tab stops are but a few are important topics in the Word learning segments of this training course. more